Facility Layout- What It Is And What It Means

productionlinFacility layout shows you how to arrange the various aspects of manufacturing or production in a suitable manner to achieve optimum results. There should be a smooth, steady and constant flow of raw materials, equipment, power, energy, and workforce so as to ensure maximum output using minimum cost. Many factors like available space, quality of raw materials, condition of final product, safety of people handling and operating the plant etc. have to be considered. As seen in businessinsider.in, there have been many efficient factory layout plans designed by the best interior design companies in Qatar.

It is crucial to physically allocate the available space so as to get maximum economic results. So one of the primary goals of facility layout planning should be designing effective and efficient workflow to get maximum output and productivity. There should be an ideal state of equilibrium between the raw materials, human resources, equipment and final product at minimal cost under safe and comfortable environment. All firms use adequate facility layout planning for obtaining high standard production.

Objectives of facility layout:-

· To provide balanced space to handle and place equipment
· To facilitate smooth movement of goods and products
· To provide safe , comfortable working atmosphere
· To optimize the arrangement of workers, raw material, and production facilities
· To enhance safety in the plant
· To ensure high-quality final products
· To facilitate changes in the layout for alterations due to creating new product lines or due to technological advancement
· To maximize production capacity of the unit

There are different types of facility Layout plans. They include:-

· Cellular Technology Layout
· Fixed Position Layout
· Combined Layout
· Line Layout
· Computerized Relative Allocation
· Functional Layout

There are three techniques used in a design layout. These have been mentioned below:-

· Two or Three Dimensional Templates
· Sequence Analysis.
· Line Balancing

Every manager has to consider a few points before finalizing the layout plan. He should check if the process flow will run smoothly. There should be no interruptions to the normal operation flow of the plant. Avoiding backtracking is necessary for efficient production. Loss of coordination should be avoided at all costs. This will cause confusions in the cycle of operations and will delay production.

Efficient handling of materials, both raw and finished products, should be ensured. Proper methods and space for receiving raw materials, adequate storage facilities, packaging efficiency, effective dispatch of finished goods etc. have to be supervised to ensure optimum output.

The layout plan should also incorporate consideration of manpower resources. There should be provisions to check employee satisfaction and enhancing employee morale. Happier and satisfied employees lead to better output and productivity.

mugenPromotional activities should also be taken care of. There should be ample provision for developing marketing and advertising strategies.

Proper allocation of funds and budget planning is also equally important. There should be a well-planned budget to ensure the smooth running of operations and keep the business safe. At the same time, the profit and loss attributes should also be considered.

An efficient facility layout plan will help to achieve maximum output and better productivity in the long run with minimum cost.