Guide To Kick Starting Your Salesforce Career


Salesforce offers a paradigm shift in the Indian tech industry. The increase in the customers means increased need for Salesforce Administrators, consultants and developers. A career in Salesforce is not easy without proper training. It takes time and effort to excel in this line of expertise. Companies need experienced people to handle the task. The demand for Salesforce experts in Chennai is on the rise with industries setting up base here. Get a head start with reliable Sales force training in Chennai. Before taking up a career in Salesforce clarify on certain questions. You can find more information on

Start with a free admin account
If you feel you are the right candidate for Salesforce, start with a free admin account. This can provide you with all the access to functionality and features. It gives you an opportunity to play and explore the latest features available on Salesforce. Avail hands-on experience of the application. Login every six months and you can access admin orgs absolutely free for life.

The admin org offers can get you familiar with install process once you install AppExchange packages. With the org you can build functionality and new features using Salesforce. It is easy to create and implement APEX code for developers. There is endless Salesforce documentation from the Salesforce Success Community. Using the admin account you can understand Salesforce better.

Salesforce resources
There are number of resources available as soon as you create the admin account. Salesforce Trailhead is a learning tool that is similar to CodeAcademy. There are modules available that can help you learn the basics of the application rewarding you with badges and points. What more it is available for free!

Another old school learning tool is the platform. The book is very elaborate and is a superior source offering indepth content helping you get a hang of the basics of the application. It is available in PDF format and is updated with three releases. For documentation style of training guides, try the books. At the Dreamforce Developer Zone you can get a recent version of the documentation.

career1Cheat sheets are quick reference in a printed format. You can use in your office for easy reference. It is a quick reference on leveraging the specific functionality. These are available at Dreamforce and come in a hard copy format.

On the Admin Hero find a post series called Zero to Hero that teaches the basics of the application. Moreover, the YouTube Channel of Salesforce is a good resource for those who find video learning convenient. There are how to videos sessions available on YouTube.

Networking through social groups
Local groups are a great source for learning the subject. There are more than 200 user groups and you are sure to find one in your locality. There groups are primarily for the community. These are the new generation learning tools. You can understand how customers use Salesforce, find answers to you queries and identify the right Salesforce talent to find you jobs. Shed your fear and start networking to achieve success with Salesforce. Encourage a conversation and collect contact information. Who knows you can find a mentor among the group.

Social media
Building a network through social media is the in-thing today. You can find likeminded people on the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Begin a conversation and you will find learning new things every day. Follow posts and people related to the subject matter. People learn a lot from Success Community, so be part of it.

career2Volunteer opportunities
Theoretical knowledge needs to be put into practice. Applying the knowledge into practice is crucial for the successful understanding of the subject. Only experience matters when you write a resume. There are many nonprofit organizations available across the globe find Salesforce application valuable and are on the constant outlook for talented professionals to install and maintain their Salesforce projects. Volunteer opportunities can be sought at Community Corps or Salesforce Foundation.

Developing the skills to become a Salesforce Administrator
If you are looking for a career change, check out Salesforce opportunities. The major concern is that you need knowledge and experience to become a Salesforce Administrator. It is easy to learn Salesforce as it is just like any other tool. It is as simple as learning Outlook or Facebook. There is no need for background to learn the skill. A Salesforce Administrator should possess multiple characteristics. These are not strict requirements but to implement the application it is important to possess these attributes.

The attributes include:
Listening to the users. Your customers are your users. Every customer deserve great customer service. Listen and understand their problems and you will succeed.
Do not stop with listening, be a good communicator. There is a need to communicate at every level starting from CEO to end users.
The Salesforce Administrators have to think out of the box. The advantage of this tool is that there are number of solutions for a set process. There is a need to capture all the possibilities through critical thinking and creativity.

Choosing between a developer and Administrator
Administrators interact with the customers and they require multiple skill sets. Sales force certified developer will be an expert in coding language. Developers have to master the coding language. Developers work directly with business users. The two have to work in close coordination for successfully implementing the application for the overall good for the customer. A developer should learn Administration as well, only then they will know what the application is capable of.You can get more ideas from