Finding The Best Home Automation Solution Provider In Chennai

Home Automation SolutionAutomation refers process, where machines and equipment are being operated automatically without any continuous intervention of human beings. Automation is not mechanization, which is a process that required continuous human intervention.

As soon as we utter the world ‘automation’ most of us would be think about the robots and machines used in industries and factories. This is nothing surprising as industrial automation has become standard norm in many countries. Industrial automation is the main reason for mass production of various goods and items. Without automation, it would be very difficult to meet the needs of mass customers. But nowadays, most people confused industrial automation with home automation.

Industrial automation and home automation differs in various aspects. Industrial automation mainly uses for robotics. This is because industries involve in manufacturing of various electronic items, rather than simply turning a device on and off. Industrial robotics has ten times more power to undergo any highly strenuous and risky job under serious environment. Industrial automation is used in automobile manufacturing, computer manufacturing, etc. Apart from increase in productivity, Industrial automation aids in minimizing quality checks and save time.

industrial automation

Most people think that industrial automation simply destroys the job opportunities of human beings. It is not true as industrial automation simple helps the manufacturer goods, which cannot be manufactured by human beings manually. Industrial automation utilizes multiple control devices such as actuators, sensors, PLC/PL’s, HMI systems, communication modules and many more. Industrial automation can be further classified into three types viz. numerically controlled machines, computer aided manufacturing, industrial robots and flexible manufacturing system. Industrial robots do play an important role in enhance workplace safety. These robots have capability to perform various risky jobs. Robotics is not a curse but a boon to human society.

Numerically controlled machines are nothing but machines that are controlled by the machines. Here, the computer controls various machines to perform different activities. Computer Aided Manufacturing is a system, when entire manufacturing process – planning, production and control – are performed by computer. Industrial robots have ability to perform hectic and complicated task for longer time.

While industrial automation is aimed at manufacturing physical goods, home automation aims in activating and deactivating various equipment or appliances. Nowadays, a home can have many complex electrical wiring and multiple switches. With home automation, home owners would be able save their time in operating different electrical and electronic items like light, fans, air conditioner, music system, etc.

home automationHome automation system can be classified into many types. Here, we would briefly explain some of the three popular types of home automation. Power line automation is a type of home automation system, which uses power lines for functioning. This is a cheaper form of automation available as it uses power line which is more common and easy to accessible for most home owners. Home owners can just make use of existing power lines to install their home automation.

Wire home automation is a kind of home automation system, which utilizes a common bus, to which other home equipment are connected. The main bus is linked to a main controller for receiving and sending signals to other equipment or devices.

Wireless home automation is the most advanced form of home automation available these days,. As the name says, this type of home automation does not utilize wire and use signals through Wi-Fi, remote, etc.

If you are residing in Chennai are planning to go for home automation, then you may have many options. Today, the idea of home automation has been embraced by many home owners. You can also find many companies to offer services for your home automation. The most important thing to check when installing home automation is the Operating System. All home automation system runs using a OS, just like our desktop/laptop computers.

The OS in the automation system is responsible for supporting various programs, features and ensure a smooth operation. When it comes to efficient and reliable OS for home automation, nothing can beat Control4. This is one of the reliable and flexible OS that can work with other equipment without any problem. Moreover, this Operating System is expanding to accommodate the future updates and other hardware equipment.

Most OS simply get outdated with time, means you have to involve in installing and reconfiguring the devices in future. This OS is very consistent in its operation and performance and hence you need not worry about uncertainties in using the home automation. This OS is easy to integrate, unlike other OS. When choosing a provider for home automation Chennai, it is better to select a one, who uses C4 platform for home automation. There are only few providers, who offer home automation with C4 platform.

Delfin automation system has garnered the trust and reputation of the home owners, because it offers C4 platform. Additionally, they provide superior interface and network to ensure superior results for their client’s automation. Delfin always use high quality equipment makers. Delfin has more years of experience in providing home automation in Chennai. They employ highly skilled and creative technicians to provide innovative home automation solution.

Since Delfin is an authorized dealer of C4 platform, you can trust them more than any non-authorized dealer. Delfin uses both experienced and latest technology to provide edgy smart home solution that stands the test of time. To know more about Delfin automation in Chennai, you can log on to their website. You can even ask for free demo to find get better idea about their service. So, if you are thinking of home Chennai home automation, then think Delfin.

Stainless Steel Sheet Plate


Material researchers have made stainless steel, the most flexible composite which can be found in its numerous applications, in view of its consumption safe properties .

The presence of at least 12% chromium into the steel combination renders it consumption safe. This resultant item is called stainless steel plate. There are many evaluations as indicated by the composite substance and they are named differently as austenitic, martensitic, ferritic, precipitation solidifying, super and duplex combinations.

Famous evaluations of stainless steel

Austenitic evaluations of compounds which are stainless and non attractive can’t be solidified by warmth treatment. Generally utilized austenitic amalgams are pressed chromium-nickel steel. The normal evaluations are the 300 arrangement which are utilized for their stainless properties and great mechanical properties. The fundamental review of this arrangement is the 304. The L evaluations of this arrangement are the low carbon grades (as in 304l) which give additional erosion resistance in the wake of welding. The carbon percentage is kept at 0.03% or less to maintain a strategic distance from carbide precipitation. Higher carbon substance is valuable when the metal is subjected to high temperatures and needs to hold its quality.


The two other mainstream reviews in this arrangement are 316 and 317

Martensitic Grades of compounds which are consumption safe and agreeable to solidifying by warmth treatment. These are chromium steels with no nickel content. They are attractive. The most widely recognized evaluations in this are the essential 410 and 420, where 420 has expanded carbon more than 410 to enhance its mechanical properties

Ferritic Grades – Even more destructive than the martensitic grades, these are very impervious to splitting because of stress related erosion. These are additionally attractive with just chromium and no nickel. They are viewed as sub-par compared to austenitic evaluations, however better than martensitic grades. 430 is the base review, which is utilized ordinarily.

Physical structures

They arrive in an assortment of structures like loops, sheets, bars and plates


For its simple upkeep and consumption safe properties, stainless steel plates find various applications in:

1. Present day engineering

2. Sustenance preparing industry

3. Modern uses, for example, substance and fuel tankers, concoction plants and petrochemical plants, pharmaceutical enterprises (for sterile environment)

Questionnaires: Best Survey Method

Survey Method

Questionnaires are a popular and excellent data collection method. It involves collecting answers from respondents and ranking or rating the answers according to the measures. The respondents will be given a set of questions and possible answers in choice format. It acts as an intermediate communication between respondent and researcher. Questionnaire is classified into several types. They are telephone questionnaire, Questionnairescomputer questionnaire, mail questionnaire, and in-house survey. The questionnaire will have multiple choice questions, dichotomous questions, scaling questions and open end questions. The formats can be asked by someone or a self-completion one.

In computer questionnaire, the respondents will answer the question by mail. It is affordable, easy to conduct and respondent reply with serious. The telephone questionnaire can be completed in one stretch. But very few people will open to answer the questions. In-house survey involves visiting the respondent’s workplace or house and getting direct response. It is an expensive and time consuming method.

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Viral Marketing is the Latest Trend

viral marketing

Viral marketing is the latest marketing technique. It has proved to be highly successful in the present internet trend. Viral marketing is promoting a service or product using the social networks. The name viral is given since the marketer can spread information to consumers from one to another in a continuous way. Marketing TrendsThe virus effect is spread through email, word of mouth, video sharing sites like Vimeo, YouTube, etc. web forums, and social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Viral marketing can also be called word of mouth marketing. Now, the marketers have started to use the internet platforms to spread the viral effect in fast means. It supplies the audience with valuable information for free of cost. It can be anything, an amazing game or amusing song. If the content is catchy, attractive and impressive, it encourages people to watch again, and they share with their social community.