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Learning Industrial & Product Design Courses


Understanding Industrial and Product Design Career Options

Industrial and product design is an art and science important in developing consumer-centric products. Any product or service that we can think of requires some level of innovation to remain profitable in the market. When you study Industrial and Product Design, you will learn how to design unusual products. If products were not designed and redesigned regularly, they would become boring.

Industrial and product designers combine information technology skills with an artistic vision. Consider pursuing a degree in industrial and product design from the best design colleges in Chennai to learn from industry professionals and transform drab products into eye-catching works of art. Find out more.

What Is Industrial Design? What Does An Industrial Designer Do?

Product design and industrial design are two different areas of design, and their definitions are not quite straightforward. While they are often used interchangeably, there are subtle differences between the two disciplines.

Industrial design is concerned with products’ art form and usability and is associated with craft designing and ergonomics. It is used to create products that will be mass-produced to save time and money.

Industrial designers tend to be artistic individuals with creative, imaginative, intuitive, sensitive, articulate, and expressive thinking and actions. They are also enterprising, adventurous, ambitious, assertive, energetic, enthusiastic, confident, and optimistic.

Industrial designers combine art, business, and engineering to create products that people use daily. They make products that serve a specific purpose and enhance their appearance and functionality. Here is how industrial designers work:

  • A designer sketches out ideas and creates virtual models of various design options.
  • They work on a single product category at a time, such as medical equipment, consumer electronics, or bicycles.
  • They use computers to sketch ideas and create machine-readable instructions for manufacturers.
  • Industrial designers collaborate with engineers, production experts, and marketing specialists to develop new product designs.
  • They work primarily in offices and travel to testing facilities, design centres, client exhibit sites, users’ homes or places of work, and manufacturing facilities.

User experience roles are constantly evolving, so it’s important to understand how they fill gaps in the design process.

What Is Product Design? What Do You Learn While Studying Product Design?

Product design is a subset of industrial design used to develop new products sold to customers by businesses. It is the process of designing a product, including the aesthetic properties, function, and holistic properties of the product’s integrated form and functionality. It is the collection of strategic and tactical activities from the conception of an idea to the commercialisation of a product design.

The product design process involves several aspects, including identifying the requirements, testing possible ideas, developing models, and producing the final product. It is a hybrid of industrial design and product development. Product design is the detailed design of products by specifications provided by industrial design engineers.

A product designer collaborates with others to develop design concepts translated into finished products. They conceptualise and evaluate ideas before turning them into physical products and inventions.

In recent years, product designers have become more in demand in India. They design products that solve problems for their users. Product design course in Chennai prepares students to balance the user’s needs with the constraints of the budget and aesthetic preferences. Product designing is a career that offers tremendous potential for advancement. It can be done for yourself or a company.

Product designers are expected to develop something new and innovative every time, but they also need to incorporate new features into previously released products. When you create a new product, you bring about change in the world. This is already a substantial reward. A product designer earns an average salary of $75,000, but the highest salary is $100,000.

Different sketches of the product, a mouse showing different stages of the design process

What’s The Difference Between Product And Industrial Design?

Product designers must take into account the ways people use and abuse products. Product designers are concerned with the details of the products’ design, while industrial designers are concerned with the aesthetics of products and the process of manufacturing them. Product design is, in short, a subset of industrial design. The design is carried out by function-specific teams, including mechanical, electrical, and software engineers.

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