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Phone Number Masking, The Complete Guide: What, Why And How?


Is Call Masking A Good Way To Protect Your Business And Your Customers?

Call masking is a sophisticated feature that allows two parties to connect without disclosing their phone numbers to each other. It can be used to protect your business communications from being intercepted. Call masking can ensure that customers’ information is secure and that you do not lose any business.

It can also help companies avoid legal ramifications for sharing or misusing customer phone data. Call masking is undoubtedly the best virtual phone number service to protect your business and your customers. Learn more about its benefits in the following section.

How Can You Protect Your Business And Your Customers With Call Masking?

In today’s hyper-connected world, privacy is a legitimate concern. Masked phone numbers are required to protect privacy. They are critical in protecting the identities of both businesses and customers. A phone number masking service can bridge calls and texts between businesses and customers without exposing their identity.

Interestingly, companies are experimenting with different campaigns and functionalities to improve the customer experience, including phone number masking. Number masking helps you build trust with customers, improve your brand image, and attract new customers.

How does call masking work?

Virtual phone number service assigns a phone number to multiple parties to route communications. A fictitious phone number can then forward calls to the user’s real phone number. Providers allow short-term communication between parties and provide call tracking and masked phone numbers. These proxy phone numbers also allow you to track and analyse all conversations that take place in your organisation, providing valuable insight into your customer’s experiences. Providers mask the phone numbers of two parties by using call masking software. The sender dials 777-777-7777, and the call is routed through masking software to its destination, which is 666-666-6666.

Use Cases For Call Masking

Call masking helps to protect both the customer and the business from fraudulent and potentially dangerous threats by masking the phone number. It is a popular technique used by eCommerce businesses to protect customer and business phone numbers. Number masking facilitates communication between buyers, sellers, delivery personnel, drivers, and customers without disclosing their telephone numbers. When a company uses phone number masking solutions, 65 per cent of people have more confidence in the company.

Call masking in the ridesharing industry

Call masking applications are used in various industries, including car and bike rental companies, to communicate with customers. Uber uses number masking to prevent security breaches by the driver or rider. Number masking allows drivers and passengers to communicate without disclosing their phone numbers.

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Call masking for Delivery services

A phone number masking service has helped an LPG provider increase their monthly orders. Customers used to give their real phone numbers to vendors, but now they can call vendors without disclosing their personal contact information. Phone number masking improved the platform’s security and encouraged buyers and sellers to handle transaction details over the phone instead of through the website. Number masking allows you to call the delivery person without worrying about the security of your telephone number.

Call masking and Customer service

Number masking and tracking systems can establish trust with customers by using virtual phone numbers that are not connected to any physical phone line. Masking is used to share sensitive customer data via online or telephone communication. Phone number masking is a way to protect both parties’ contact information and cultivate brand loyalty.

Start by implementing number masking on your platform, and then use the information gathered to improve the customer experience and increase the number of transactions completed. It allows you to provide excellent customer service without disclosing personal contact information.

Call masking in the health industry

Call masking helps doctors and physicians be accessible to their patients while not jeopardising their safety and security. Third-party phone numbers can be used to ensure that no personal information is exchanged between stakeholders.

Wrapping up:

Number masking helps sellers avoid spam calls by advertising a virtual phone number. Businesses can provide customers with a delightfully satisfying experience while protecting their personal information by providing disposable telephone numbers. Customers appreciate businesses that protect their personal information and provide a positive user experience. Make your customers feel safe and secure by using call masking to protect their information.

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